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Gym new hours!

Siłownia / Gym sektor A, pozim -1, sala 01

Godziny / hours

Poniedziałek/ Monday 17:30 20:30

Wtorek / Tuestay

Środa / Wednesday 16:00- 18:00

Czwartek/ Thursday

Piątek / Friday  14:00-17:00

Register for classes of Physical Education

Dear Students,

Register for classes of Physical Education is already possible! You can sing-up via our website:, which will be active from 13 to 27 of February. Login details (number and password) are the same as for the Virtual University. At full-time classes it starts on 25 October. Details of the joining and pass you can find at: Any questions or doubst should be directed to the address

Best regards,

Justyna Mosińska

Director of the Department of Physical Education and Sport

Basketball match Lazarski vs Kozminski

Basketball match Lazarski vs Kozminski

Last match was a difficult challenge for our basketball players. They coped with really strong opponent – Kozminski University. Attendance was huge and stands was full of fans. We had the honor to host a very special guest, who was vice-rector Jerzy Stępień. During a match’s break could the public admire the Cheerleaders show.

Out team played bravely, but the result of match was a draw – 80:80. Unfortunately, during overtime was the ALK in luck and they won by getting 4-points advantage over Lazarski. The final result is 109:105.

Thank you for a great game, Messers.

We know the winner of the FIFA!

16 persons took part in FIFA tournament, that had we organize with a Student Council help. Students fought bravely for victory. They had a lot of fun at the same time. The first three places were rewarded and the winner was sophomore Konrad Stępniak.

We make photos available to you, because we want to show, how participants enjoyed themselves and get to know the faces of the winners. Thank you for a really big number of the arrival and we promise, that we will organize more.

Newly opened mini gym on our campus will be available from 7 October

Mini gym is located on the 6th floor in the F sector and occupies 2 rooms:

CARDIO room (No. 666):
• Two treadmills,
• Two training bikes (one spinning)
• cross trainer,
• stepper,
• incline bench,

Fitness room (No. 665):
• atlas,
• bench: Roman, broken, straight and prayer.

The gym regulations are available on the website. During the opening hours the coach will be present.
Mini gym is open to all students at the following hours:

Tuesday: 16-18
Wednesday: 8-12
Thursday: 8-12

Up to 8 people can stay in the gym at a time.

The hours of physical education classes (if seats are available) also can use the gym. Information can be obtained from the trainer.

Bicycle raid on the Kampinos Wilderness

We invite You to the 65 kilometers by bike through the forests, fields and ways.
You can see variety of Kampinos Wilderness’s nature around you.
On the way we will kick back at Truskawka – cemetery and guerilla’s statue.
Raid route starts at Truskawie then Janówek, Truskawka, Górki, Łubiec, Truskaw – Lazarski University.
Duration of raid: about 6 hours (just ride)
Date: 4th October (Sunday).
Meeting is at Lazarski University’s parking area at 8.40 a.m, we will leave at 9 a.m.
You should take: drinks, lunch.
Please, take your own bike or lend it.
If you want to take a part, write us:
Justyna Mosińska
We are waiting to 1st October.