Newly opened mini gym on our campus will be available from 7 October

Mini gym is located on the 6th floor in the F sector and occupies 2 rooms:

CARDIO room (No. 666):
• Two treadmills,
• Two training bikes (one spinning)
• cross trainer,
• stepper,
• incline bench,

Fitness room (No. 665):
• atlas,
• bench: Roman, broken, straight and prayer.

The gym regulations are available on the website. During the opening hours the coach will be present.
Mini gym is open to all students at the following hours:

Tuesday: 16-18
Wednesday: 8-12
Thursday: 8-12

Up to 8 people can stay in the gym at a time.

The hours of physical education classes (if seats are available) also can use the gym. Information can be obtained from the trainer.