Rules for grading!

The rules of participation and passing the obligatory physicall classes

1. Each 1st year the student is obliged by the rules of the University to participate in two semesters of minimum once a week physical class organized by our Center for Physical Education and Sports.
2. Participation in the class will be concluded by grading.
3. The student may be absent 2 times during a semester without a reason.
4. There will be no possibility to make up for excessive absences on other dates.
5. The specific class is chosen by the student according to his interests and academic schedule from the offer announced by the Center ( before the start of the semester. If the number of students willing to join the class exceeds the limits, the possibility of joining will be based on the order of applications.
6. Signing up for physical classes is done by the University electronic registration system . Additionally the students may sign up in person at the special event announced by the Center.
7. Students may be released from the full semester by medical doctors working at clinics based in Poland. The sick leave must be presented to our office on before: October 30th for autumn semester or March 30th for spring semester.
8. A temporary sick leave may be issued by any doctor in active practice in Poland. The leave should be presented in the first class after an absence, otherwise it will not be accepted.
9. Extramural students do not have obligatory physical classes.
10. All students who are actively involved in sports clubs gyms, swimming pools and other sports activities can get a credit for Athletics on the basis of the certificate from the club, gym ect.
11. Every student may participate in as many physical classes organized by us as he or she wishes during all years of study if only there is enough space in the chosen group. The decision is made by the instructor of the class.

Justyna Mosińska
Director of the Physical Education and Sports Center

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